Ayishah Bernard

Tengu Swashbuckler from Tambo


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Noble of Ffestin Father Aruvi Bernard noble Mother Emese Ichabod deceased when Ayishah was pre-teen.

Aruvi didn’t want to risk Ayishah’s health safety after mother dead. Sent off to dueling school (ayishah’s desire) and to also learn the art of trade (Father’s Desire). As a result he didn’t spend much time with her, which wasn’t good for emotional growth.

Father working to free people, probably wants to end slavery of the god-touched. He had Ayishah go to a trade deal she wasn’t ready for, she didn’t show up out of spite, instead going to take a job as a mercenary, Daemon Dust makes deal with the Ministry instead. She’s now trying to remedy her mistake and re-establish a trade deal with Daemon Dust and Ffestin, along a river. This could also help secure this path and help keep it safe from bandits.

In addition to redemption Ayishah has grown a fondness for her new companions. She hasn’t seemed to have made any real friends that she connects with on an emotional level.


Ayishah Bernard

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