Ayishah Bernard

Tengu Swashbuckler from Tambo


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Trained duelist and martial artist, also skilled acrobat. Light and small (vestigial hollow bones play a part) so relies on technique over strength to win. Despite this she likes to fight up close for easy demoralization, and so she can ‘feel’ the conflict, pour her emotion into it and feed off the reaction of her opponent.

While charismatic and having good intentions, she is quite affluent (practiced flourishing with her new sword instead of prepping the town for a storm) and sometimes doesn’t realize she’s being condescending or patronizing. She also has trouble feeling empathy for people.

Member of the Tombo Noble Bernard family of Ffestin
Father: Aruvi Bernard (Noble, Activist)
Mother: Emese Bernard (maiden name Ichabod) (deceased from illness during Ayishah’s late childhood)

Rodney Lignder: Former fencing instructor, on bad terms
Ninnec Drimden: Former fencing student, also on bad terms


Ayishah was born ?? into the Noble Tombo family of Bernard. She was raised by her soft-spoken mother Emese. Her father, Arubi, was a traveling tradesman whom only visited his homestead occasionally.

Emese was very loving toward Ayishah, probably too loving at first. She was kept sheltered in her manor for the most part, and received top education from hired staff instead of attending a school. She had many acquaintances from her mother bringing other children in to try to socialize with her. Ayishah didn’t make any close bonds with the other children, however.

Ayishah was rebellious even at a young age. If there was something she wasn’t supposed to do, or somewhere she wasn’t supposed to go, chances are she was going to do that and go there. Emese had begun imposing more strictly when Ayishah started somehow, “vanishing,” during her one-on-one lessons. Instead of relenting, however, Ayishah merely became more creative. She wanted to go outside and explore the bustling local streets and attend events. When her parents hired guards (more to keep her in) she merely toyed with her rank over them, and they would normally end up just following Ayishah on her adventures as they dare not attempt to hinder her. Emese and Ayishah had met a comprimise that she could leave with an escort planned ahead of time as long as Ayishah would continue her studies.

Shortly after Ayishah turned 12, her mother took ill. She passed away merely two days later; Aruvi wasn’t able to get back to be with her in time and arrived a day after she died. Both Ayishah and Aruvi were shocked by the sudden death of Emese, who seemed in perfect health just prior.

After Emese’s ashes were scattered, Aruvi took over in raising Ayishah. He started to teach her some of his own knowledge in trade and took her to events with him. One particular event, a dueling tournament, specifically peaked her interest. Knowing her father would be reluctant to let her study such an art, she pitched it to him as important for self-defense if she someday travels the world like he did. Aruvi, only having dabbled minimally in martial arts and wanting to keep his daughter protected, agreed to send her to ?? to attend ?? the famous fencing school of Tombo, only if she attended and did well in ?? an equally prestigious school to learn business, finances, trade and the like when she would turn 16. In the meantime she continued her education along with being taught basic martial arts locally.

Sure enough at age 16 Ayishah was sent off to ?? where she was a higher than average student at ??(business) just enough to keep her father pleased to keep attending ??(fencing) where she learned under the famous fencing instructor and veteran Rodney Lignder, who unlike the other instructors at the school took on students of any race. She was taught many weapons but took a liking and seemed to have a special talent with the side sword.


Aruvi is a well known tradesman and activist who dislikes the Ministry, and is against the enslavement of the God-touched. He is short, even for a Tengu, and quite… round. He had Ayishah go to a trade deal she wasn’t ready for, she didn’t show up out of spite, instead going to take a job as a mercenary, Daemon Dust makes deal with the Ministry instead.

Outraged, Aruvi ?? (don’t quite remember) and had Ayishah help Devornes further. She ends up protecting the town from bandits demons, cultists, vampires, and even a giant turtle whom she ripped her friends from it’s stomach.

All these fights have started to chip away at her sanity and she almost lost it during a vampire attack at the Daemon Dust town hall. She’s about ready to give up on helping this gods-forsaken land when a child approached her, noticing she was missing some feathers from when they were singed off by a fire spell. The child took some feathers from her own pillow and offered them as a replacement. This sparked something in Ayishah, and only taking one, reasoning that the pure white feathers were of a high quality, moved off to help the slums prepare more people for the storm since the town hall was to be used as a shelter.

After successfully helping fight off the demons from the storm, Ayishah and her group attend a party by entering and winning a fighting competition. They fought a golem that the rest of the party destroyed but Ayishah, using her charisma, landed a blow before it fell making it look like she’s the one who bested it.

Their intention was to infiltrate the party of Miles, a not-so-friendly celestium lord who wants Daemon Dust allied with the Ministry, and make him look bad, among other things. Ayishah did her part by bringing up the trade deal again, suggesting that Ffestin could trade with Daemon Dust along the river to keep Daemon Dust independent from the Ministry. This goes over well and she plans to continue this course of redemption.

She’s now trying to remedy her mistake and re-establish a trade deal with Daemon Dust and Ffestin, along a river. This could also help secure this path and help keep it safe from bandits.

Tobias – vampire kid (actually 50yo)
Melinda – vampire kid’s mom

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In addition to redemption Ayishah has grown a fondness for her new companions. She hasn’t seemed to have made any real friends that she connects with on an emotional level.

Ayishah Bernard

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