On the wind blown wastes just west of the recalcitrant protectorate of Lomoor known as the Ministry of Sin, the people of the territory of Daemon Dust struggle to survive. Refusing to sell the gifted among them, the ones who can channel positive energy from beyond the vail, into reparative slavery has left them with little defense again the Hellstorms and demons that inhabit the broken world.

Now a rebel Ministry Noble and the wealth of the working women of Deamon Dust have hatched a plan that might see the Territory away from Ministry hands and give it access to ward giving celestium. If only that hope didn’t lay in the hands of a group of pro tem outlaws and begrudging adventurers.

As the forces of hell and a new cult of zealots fight for control of the city, our heroes will have to hold fast long enough to best a world power.

Western Horror Hat-Trick

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